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Replacement Windows

$1500 credit for 2014!

Your old windows are not just costing you money every month, they are making your house less comfortable to live in.

Drafts, hot and cold spots, fading fabrics and exterior noise are all reduced by the installation of energy-efficient replacement windows.

For 2014, Federal green initiatives can pay $1500 of the cost of your new windows - take advantage and claim your stimulus benefits while they are still available!


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New Windows or Solar?

A. Why should I spend my stimulus dollars on windows instead of solar panels?
Q. New windows will;

Solar panels on your roof will not;

Beautiful, Durable, Responsible

New vinyl-framed windows with high-performance glazing save so much energy that the federal government is paying you to install them!

Because of their poor energy efficiency, aluminum windows are no longer installed in most states. Innovations in high-quality vinyl frames and high-tech coatings on dual-panes of glass have made huge improvements in sound and thermal control at affordable prices. New seal designs and a 7/8" airgap between panes greatly out-perform windows just a few years old. You can receive 30% off the cost of new replacement windows - but this credit expires this year!

No need to go in the red to be green

Free quotesAll our replacement windows are custom ordered to meet your exact needs and a perfect fit. Most installs require no drywall or stucco repairs! Call today to schedule a free window replacement consultation in Prescott, Sedona, the Verde Valley and Flagstaff and let us put the sparkle back in your view!